Setting up your PRESENT BOX at home the easy way!

Setting up your PRESENT BOX at home the easy way!

Setting up your PRESENT BOX at home the easy way!

You might be wondering: "Why should we have a present box?" and we can answer that in a nutshell! SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME and SAVE STRESS!!! 

When our eldest was around the first birthday stage, and we were going to endless 1st birthday parties, we were introduced to the PRESENT BOX concept and we haven't looked back! I doubt there'll ever be a time in our future that we don't have a present box set up at home, for all occasions and all ages. 

The present box is also knowns as a gift closet, gift cupboard, present shelf, and a myriad of other variations of those words! 

What is a present box / gift cupboard / gift closet?

To explain it simply, it's just a closet, or a box, or a spare room in your house where you store gifts for any occasion.

Why do you need a present box / gift cupboard / gift closet?

So, why do you need one? The answer is simple! Having gifts on hand for any occasion can take the stress out of those unexpected party invites, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, monthversaries, extra gifts at Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, engagement parties and bridal showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and the list goes on. 

Buying gifts on the fly can be expensive. You've not got the time to look, research, and get exactly what you want, so often you buy above budget and wtihout planning. Buying gifts in advance and storing them in your present box, means you're always prepared, always ready with a great gift on hand, and you haven't paid top dollar! 

Top tips for your present box!

  1. Buy a gift in advance. When you see a great deal, don't leave it behind! Buy it now, and save it for later when the perfect gifting occasion presents itself. Toys like LEGO are popular for so many ages and stages, and never go out of favour. Stocking up on LEGO sets will have many age groups (from 4 to 94!) covered for gifts. We just released and restocked on our Lego Australia website collection this month (January), so get yours now and store them up for birthday's because they sell out really fast! Click to view the collection.
    Softies (soft toys / cuddly toys) such as the Jellycat range are perfect from birth, you can take a look at what we have in stock right now, here

  2. Shop for the present box, when it's on sale. Every now and then we offer something at a fantastic sale, and that's the perfect time to buy something special and put it away in your present box to give as a gift throughout the year. Then, all you have to do is gift wrap those gifts ~ easy peasy!

    Be on the look out for when we have future sales and special offers! Follow us for more updates.

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  3. Buy in bulk. This is really essential when you need to give gifts to a lot of people, or when you want to save as much money as possible - buy in bulk when you see our (or other Australian-owned small businesses) amazing clearance sales! There are a lot of businesses that offer reduced prices for bulk or bundle buying, such as Lemon Myrtle Fragrances, Knicked, and so many more! 

 We have an array of amazing gifts that you can give to your little ones, nieces. and, nephews that are waiting for you on our website and in-store, at very reasonable prices. Check them out here! We also offer Zippay and Afterpay, too, so you can shop with ease and pay off over time!


How to set up your present box at home?

  1. Look for a large plastic container, even one that's sized especially to go under a bed, or even a shelf in a cupboard or anything and anywhere in your house that you can easily access it, but the little people can't! You don't have to buy new storage - get creative with what you already have.
  2. Make a list of all the celebrations or special occasions that you'll be wanting to give gifts for throughout the year. This way, you'll know what to buy for the right person, for the right occasion, at the right time, so you can save time, stress and money when the occasion arises. 
  3. Start collecting gifts. Gather things that will be useful. You don't want to stock up on cheap, poor-quality products, you want to store GREAT products that you've been able to buy at reasonable prices, so you can gift them anytime, anywhere. 

 Can't wait to see what you've done, so make sure when you post about present boxes, that you use the hashtag #mytoykingdom so we can see what you're up to! 

Hope this saves you as much time, stress, money and energy as it has done for us, for all these years. ENJOY!

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