Kinderfeets Tiny Tot and Tiny Tot Plus

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot and Tiny Tot Plus

From as young as 12 months, a Kinderfeet bike is the perfect addition for your little one to grow and develop. The Kinderfeet bikes have been thoughtfully designed to allow for your child to transition to a balance bike once they’re ready by easily removing a wheel. With the adjustable cushioned seat, you can also alter the bike height as they grow.

The Kinderfeet Tiny Tot bike is suitable for children aged 12 - 24 months, making it the perfect bike to develop those early skills of balancing and co ordination skills. The Tiny Tot Plus is a slightly larger version of the Tiny Tot bike. This bike is designed to cater for children aged 12 – 48 months.

The Kinderfeet bikes have been made out of natural bamboo and coloured birchwood. Being made of bamboo, means these bikes are an ecofriendly and a replenishable resource.

The Kinderfeet bikes encourage gross motor development, along with self-confidence and independence as your child discovers they are capable of pushing themselves.   

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