KIIN silicone bowls are not just any ordinary bowl

KIIN silicone bowls are not just any ordinary bowl

For children with sensory difficulties meal time can be a constant struggle. Whether the cause of discomfort comes from the smell, the sound, the visual appearance or even the taste, Kiin’s silicone feeding products could help eliminate the pressure and burden of meal times. Kiin silicone bowls are made from 100% high quality food grade silicone meaning it is bacteria resistant, making them extra hygienic for your little ones. For many young children a cause of that anxiety at meal time can come from the smell of the plates and bowls you are using. Plastic and glass plates quite often hold onto smells from previous foods. For children with sensitive smell senses this could lead to the refusal of wanting to eat the meal in front of them. It can be confusing for them to understand why they are smelling something that isn’t in the bowl in front of them. Silicone bowls do not hold onto the smell of previous foods making this a much better option for children with sensitive smell.

Not only does the sense of smell affect children during meal times, for many children who experience auditory complicated issues, they struggle to enjoy meals due to the scraping noises that come from plastic or glass plates as they eat with cutlery. Silicone bowls are completely noise free and the spoons provided with Kiin bowls are also silicone, therefore this will completely remove the tension some children feel when it comes to the noise of eating during meal time.

The whole idea of silicone feeding products is the soft nature of the silicone. The Kiin bowls come with a suction base that allows children to at any point squeeze or touch the bowl which can release tension or discomfort depending on the individual child and their sensory needs. Kiin bowls are also visually appealing with a large range of colours. Most often children are more inclined to eat when something engages them, the look of colours could make your child more excited for meal time.

Kiin bowls have also been designed in a child friendly way with a purposeful curved shaped rim, so when your child is ready to self-feed, it ensures mess is kept at a minimum. It also makes it easier for your child to feed themselves in the early stages. It is important for children to develop their fine motor skills from a young age; therefore, it is important for children to have the opportunity to self-feed. The spoon that is included with Kiin bowls are designed to be handled in little hands. Children feeding themselves has been proven to help children develop essential skills that include using their fingers and hands for more complex movements. The design of a suction bowl and a child friendly sized spoon will allow young children and babies to master their fine motor development as they grow in confidence and independence.

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