Connetix tiles are the perfect addition to any play environment. Connetix tiles encourage independent and collaborative play, open ended thinking, problem solving, spatial awareness, hand eye coordination, fine and gross motor development and increased awareness in colour and shape recognition, all while igniting imagination in young minds.

Connetix tiles have the ability to create play and learning opportunities as children discover the limitless creations they can make. Connetix tiles encourage perseverance and critical and creative thinking, as it challenges children to think logically and creatively at the same time. Children will use the magnetic tiles to create anything from a castle to a barn yard. The open-ended element of this product inspires children’s thought processes and encourages their growth and development in pretend play opportunities.

The bright and colourful different sets of connetix tiles, allows children to have opportunities to mix and learn with the different shapes and colours. All expansion packs are compatible with one another. The different sets incorporate geometrical and standard square shapes. These sets provide thoughtful and intentional opportunities for children to use their critical and creative thinking.

STEAM approved, means that this product incorporates essential learning opportunities in developing or enhancing skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Not only giving children hours of fun, but they can do so while learning.

Let your child engage with open ended and imaginative play as they associate with the limitless opportunities that connetix tiles can provide.

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