Squishmallow fans ... have you discovered the awesome RAINBOW collection yet??!!

Squishmallow fans ... have you discovered the awesome RAINBOW collection yet??!!

Are rainbows and Squishmallows two of your favourite things or perhaps the ultimate obsession of your little one? If you're nodding your head in agreement right now, this blog post will be all the squishiness that you love! 

Squishmallow is a huge craze right now, and ONE squishy is never enough! There are many favourites, but undoubtedly the Squishmallow that comes in rainbow colours, is the ultimate top seller!

Read on to find out why Squishmallow Rainbow Toys are the perfect addition to your life or your child's play and rest time.

The appeal of rainbows

Rainbows have captivated the human imagination for centuries, sparking wonder, excitement, and even mythological stories. For many, rainbows symbolise hope, happiness, and the beauty of nature. We live in the rainbow region, in the Northern Rivers (Far North Coast, NSW, Australia) 
In fact, the NSW Government website states, Lismore is known as the “Rainbow Region” – a name which reflects the magical richness and extraordinary cultural diversity of the region, as well as its strong sense of community and its penchant for natural living.

The Squishmallow craze

If you're looking for the perfect gift for yourself, or your kids, or your friends' kids, or ANYONE —whether they're young, teens, or even your adult friends—Squishmallows are the ultimate answer.

Squishmallows are the ideal one-size-fits-all-ages plushie. They have an ultra-soft exterior and are filled with just the right amount of a special foam, making them irresistibly squishy and ideal for cuddles.

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best gift ever squishmallow rainbow toy for kids and adults

When rainbows meet Squishmallow

So, what happens when you combine the universal allure of rainbows with the irresistible cuddliness of Squishmallows?

You get Squishmallow Rainbow toys—a perfect storm of colour, comfort, and cuteness. Imagine a lovable, huggable friend adorned in a splash of vibrant hues.

These colourful Squishmallows are a feast for the eyes and a comfort for the soul.


  • Vibrant colours: From deep reds and oranges to calming blues and purples.
  • Ultra-soft: Incredibly soft to the touch, making them perfect for snuggles.
  • Various sizes: Small to medium cuddle buddies are available.
  • Easy to clean: Machine-washable.
  • Collectables: With multiple rainbow characters to choose from, you or your child can build an entire rainbow Squishmallow family!

Meet the Rainbow Squad

For those who love a splash of colour, the Rainbow Collection offers a vibrant variety of characters. Let's take a quick look at some of them:

Check out some other exciting characters in different waves and assortments:

Perfect for all occasions

Squishmallow Rainbow toys are the best gift for birthdays, Christmas, celebrations, or just because.

They also make the perfect companions for travel and bedtime, providing a soft, comforting hug whenever you or your kids need one—especially when they're missing you. Our friends have bunch of them on the lounge room sofa, they look funky, are super awesome cushions, and are a fun addition to an eclectic interior design. 

Plus, they offer a splash of colour and the ultimate snuggle experience. So why not add a rainbow of joy to your lives? Happy squishing!

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