5 ways to keep your kids off the screen during the school holidays

5 ways to keep your kids off the screens during the school holidays

5 ways to keep your kids off the screen during the school holidays

During Christmas school holidays (or any holidays!) many of us parents and caregivers find it hard to reduce our kids' screen time when they're whingeing,  "I'm bored" ... and we all know there's no way they can possibly be BORED, there are so many things to do, toys to play with, and games to play! 

We've compiled some great and fun activities to engage your kids brains, without using any gadgets. You can even join in the fun if you're up for it. Use this time to reconnect with your little ones, do some fun chores or update their room together, or even find new hobbies together. 

1. Be an example to your children. 

Do you know that quote, "be the change you want to see in the world" well this one applies just as much to electronic gadgets! While we can TELL our kids not to be on their gadgets more than 20 minutes a day (or whatever is appropriate in your household) that's the easy part, but SHOWING them is an entirely different thing. Set or BE a good example.

Make sure that, as a parent, you're also not spending too much time on your phone, laptop, or tablet when you're around them. Be present with them, and enjoy each other's company. Time goes super QUICK and they'll be teens before you know it!

2.  Play brain games together.

You'll not only save your kids from the potential effects of too much screen time, but also enhance their critical thinking skills through brain games. You can play chess, 5 Second Rule, Pass the Bomb, and so much more!

3. Let them build.

Building and creating is something kids LOVE and Lego teaches skills that will shape the way that they work and interact with others including, creative thinking, teamwork, communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving skills.

Numerous studies have shown that kids show improvement on spatial reasoning tests after spending time on all kinds of construction play. Offer and encourage plenty of hands-on activities, and stimulate their brains! 

From Disney, to Duplo, and Minecraft there are so many ways you can inspire their inner engineer!

4. Play make-believe with them.

Letting your younger kids lead this play, is fascinating. From Doctors and nurses to teachers and or mums and dads, you could be the child, the friend, or literally anyone and they can be the parent. Accept whichever character  they give to you and have fun with it. You can have a tea party, or a dress up session, be fairy princesses with wands, and the list goes on - just be guided by their endless imaginations, they're fascinating to observe!

5. Let them read books

Improve your child's focus and encourage your kids to hold books instead of gadgets. Research shows that excessive blue light exposure can lead to damaging sensitive cells in the retina, but with books, this is absolutely not the case. We have an extensive array of books for all ages and stages, available on our website and in all our stores. Check them out here

You may want to spend 16 minutes watching, "Children and the effects of screentime" by Dr. Mona Amin - Board Certified Pediatrician. 

When you're looking for the next stimulating toy to add to your child's collection, we have so many for you to try, and we're always happy to advise you - give us a call 02 6621 3473. 

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