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We've just been reading our buyers report from Nuremberg so we're super up-to-date on global trends at the moment so we've written this article to share what they're saying and what we are experiencing ... ENJOY!

Even at the start of 2024, we are seeing some clear trends emerging with what toys are going to be (and already are!) the most popular this year, and what will be the best gifts for kids in 2024. And while every person in the toy world has their own theories about this, we’ve been tracking our own orders and working with our buying group to make our own justified predictions.

So, if you're buying toys for gifts, and have no idea where to start, or just want to get ahead of the trends, use our list below for some inspiration!

Analytics to find 2024 toy predictions, toy world toy kingdom australia

  • What’s Old is New (Again).

First on our list is a resurgence of nostalgic toys for many parents. Just from the start of the year, we’ve found that parents love buying toys and games for their children that they themselves used to play, and we think this trend will only increase as the year continues. So get ready to see the return of Zhu Zhu pets, Furbies and the original Rubik’s Retro cube

Rubik's cube classic toy prediction 2024 toy world toy kingdom australia

  • Toy Collectors Paradise

Collectables and surprise toys, which instil an incentive to achieve a certain goal (in this case, to complete a collection) are proving to endure. They help foster a sense of drive and pride and were an evident trend in 2023 that we can’t see slowing down anytime soon.

Collectable toys 2024 toy trend predictions toy world toy kingdom australia

  • One Toy, Five Senses, Endless Benefits

Sensory play is another trend rolling over from last year, however, with a slight revision. We have been finding that customers are becoming increasingly attuned to quality over quantity, meaning people want sensory toys that will last. One example of a toy that fits this brief is the Nee Doh range, which we’ve identified as our customers go-to choice for sensory/impulse purchases. In response to this popularity, the range is expanding, making it, and quality sensory toys as a whole, be a strong prediction of ours for 2024 trends.

Sensory toys 2024 toy trend predictions toy world toy kingdom australia, nee doh

  • As seen on the PC

We’ve found a shift in popularity for toys that complement technology-based entertainment. Once, action figures inspired by the box office were some of the best sellers for children, but now we are noticing children are looking for toys that reflect their favourite video games. This category of toy has been steadily increasing in popularity, outcompeting action hero figurines. 

We highly recommend watching this space to see companies like Lego get on board this trend in the second half of the year!

Video game toys 2024 toy trend predictions toy world toy kingdom australia

  • (Very) Far From Home

Space is another enduring trend, but predicted to gain more popularity as the Artemis Generation enters the market. We should see this result in an increase in space-related products like telescopes that reinforce inspiration and ambition for the next generations.

Space toys 2024 toy trend predictions toy world toy kingdom australia

  • As seen on the PC (Part 2)

Yes, video games forming trends has already been a prediction on our list, but there is an extra specific trend (and game) we need to mention, and that is the trend of axolotls. These animals first gained popularity when they appeared in Minecraft and we just know they are here to stay for 2024. Last year, we found this manifested through Alice Axolotl in the Jellycat range being a huge seller, and is still popular well into 2024, making us believe the axolotl trend isn’t close to over.

Axolotl minecraft jellycat toys 2024 toy trend predictions toy world toy kingdom australia

  • The Future is Jellycat

Speaking of Jellycat, there are some gorgeous new releases from the brand ahead. This is a brand that is trending massively on Tik Tok and Instagram as children identify their unique personality traits with the characters Jellycat release. The brand has also captured the tween and teen markets in particular with girls. This wide reach and their unique appeal definitely earns them a spot on our list of 2024 toy predictions.

Jellycat toys 2024 toy trend predictions toy world toy kingdom australia

  • Money Trends

This is a bit of a change in trend perspective, but is important to know given that it feels like every other aspect of our lives are just getting more expensive.

There is plenty of pressure on suppliers to hold or reduce costs this year and we are already seeing some price reductions on our customers' favourite brands, making these products more accessible in the wake of our global money situation. Schleich specifically is one to watch in the next few weeks as their prices are being adjusted (lowered!) DOWN by 50c - $2 per animal, and we predict other brands will soon follow suit. Wowzers!

If you liked our 2024 popular toy predictions, or have some of your own, let us know via our socials and we can track these trends throughout the year together!

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